Is Your Gate Damaged? Get It Repaired Today.

Call KMC Fence Co for gate repair or replacement in Morse, LA

Does your gate need to be repaired? If it's beyond repair, maybe it's time for a new gate. Whatever the case, you can't go wrong by calling on the professionals at KMC Fence Co. We provide gate installation and gate repair services in the Morse, LA area.

If you have a dog in the backyard or you don't want people trespassing on your property, you'll need to get your gate repaired quickly. Call us today to schedule gate installation or repair services.

Here's why you should get your gate fixed right away

Here's why you should get your gate fixed right away

KMC Fence Co provides chain link and wood gate repair and installation services for our clients in Morse, LA. We can install either screw-in or custom-welded chain link gates.

Don't let your broken gate go without repair or replacement. Here's why:

  • Working gates keep your pets safely inside your yard.
  • You can safely store boats, lawnmowers and other belongings behind a sturdy gate.
  • Your children can spend time in the yard safely.
  • Broken gates are an eyesore.
  • In a heavy wind, a swinging gate could cause damage to surrounding structures.
Get a new gate installed or get your old gate repaired as soon as possible-reach out to KMC Fence Co at 337-580-6942 right away.