Is Your Fence Bent, Buckled or Broken?

Don't wait for the fence repair you need in Morse, LA

Did a windstorm damage your fence? Did someone back into it? Whatever caused the damage, you'll need fence repair services you can count on. KMC Fence Co is a dedicated fencing contractor in Morse, LA that you can trust to repair your broken fence.

We offer both chain link and wood fence repair services. If your fence is broken, don't put off getting it repaired. Call KMC Fence today to get a fast, accurate repair estimate.

What you need to know about our fence repair services

What you need to know about our fence repair services

If you need chain link or wood fence repair work done in Morse, LA, call the fence repair pros at KMC Fence Co.

We can repair your chain link or wooden fence with ease. Here's what you can expect when you hire us for a fence repair:

  • We'll come out to assess the damage.
  • We'll give you an estimate on the repair cost.
  • You'll get a one-year warranty on the installation work.
  • We'll repair your fence for free if the issue results from our labor.
  • We charge a $50 service fee for repair calls.
Get an assessment of your fence damage by calling KMC Fence Co. We'll give you an estimate right away.